• First importer and producer of natural and artificial stones in Ivory Coast

  • Committed to offer the best satisfying service out there for our clients

  • Reliable source of high quality products at attractive prices and fast delivery service

  • Expertise in the stone field and up to date on every new emerging technology



With over 55 years of expertise in the natural and artificial stone industry, MAGMA is here to offer you the best possible service for achieving high level and unique projects.

MAGMA is part of a big chain that was founded in 1984 in Lebanon and has been spreading its services for 5 years in Abidjan to become the first importer and producer of natural and artificial stones today in Ivory Coast.

Our products coming from all around the world are carefully cared for with passion throughout every step from quarry extraction till their installation and setup at your place by highly skilled technicians, advanced machinerie and equipment and a high performance team that stays ready to offer the a service that satisfies you.

We transform what nature offers us into elegant, sophisticated and refined high quality products with an aesthetic unsurpassed to this day. We give natural materials a new life, a new identity.

MAGMA offers you a wide and diverse range of natural marble, granite and limestone as well as many other natural and artificial stones. The choice is yours, we deal with the rest.

Our services include residential projects from kitchens, bathrooms, chimneys to floors and stairs as well as commercial projects ( restaurants, hotels, wellness center...)

Mohammad Ali El Zein 

 Founder of MAGMA

From a very young age, Mohammad Ali has been interested in the field of natural and artificial stones culture that has been handed down from father to son over 3 generations.

With his degree in business management, he decided to pursue his passion and build the MAGMA company in Abidjan and push the stone industry's capacities and limits towards new horizons providing better possibilities and opportunities.